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New K400 touchpad not working

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I just hooked up a brand new K400 and the keyboard and all other buttons, including those under the touchpad, work fine. 

The touchpad, however, is completely non-responsive. It's connected to a Windows 7 comp.


Any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious or is it just bad?

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Re: New K400 touchpad not working

Hello just_kyles


Try configuring the touchpad first using the Setpoint software (refer here).



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Re: New K400 touchpad not working


I'm replying here as this is one of the first threads in google and i had this issue too, it could be a simple fix if same as mine.

My trackpad / touchpad / glidepad stopped responding, all keys were working fine however, including the mouse buttons.

The touchpad is on a separate circuit that connects to the keyboard interface by a ribbon cable, the ribbon cable on mine had become uncoupled from the touchpad. This is a very simple fix.

1. Turn over keyboard and remove batteries.

2. Remove the 10 screws from keyboard casing. 5 are visible, the other 5 screws are; 1 behind both rubber 'feet' pads along the top, 1 x in the battery compartment and 2 x behind the centre sticker (the one beneath the logitech logo with K400 written on it)

3. Gently pry the two pieces of the keyboard apart, GENTLY!

4. Check to see if the ribbon cable from the lower half is attached to the circuit board of the touchpad.

5. If it is detached. lift the small lever on the touchpad's board, slide the ribbon cable in below this lever (so that the contacts on the ribbon go against the side with the board) then flip the locking lever down.

6. reassemble keyboard / add batteries and test.

This was the issue for me, these cables can quite often come lose and this was a very simple fix :smileyhappy:


While your keyboard is apart, you might want to clean any keys that are sticky or spongy. Push them through from the back and clean the affected key and keyboard hole with a small cotton bud and cleaning solution, make sure all components are dry before assembling. (My volume and home keys were sticking down, and this has made them nice and springy again)

Hope this helps someone with the same issue. It really is very simple and shouldn't void your warranty etc, all stickers can be peeled back easily without damage and no soldering require etc :smileyhappy:

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Re: New K400 touchpad not working


Just a reminder that disassembling the product may violate the product warranty.



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Re: New K400 touchpad not working

mine had the same problem, took it apart and the ribbon cable were securely attached on both ends.  I removed it anyway and reinstalled it but now luck - will just have to try returning it and swapping with a new one.  Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Re: New K400 touchpad not working

That Sir is genius!!  


I thought the connections looked fine at first the I tried pushing them both and low and behold the 2nd one pushed back in slightly.  


Closed it up and worked great!!!


Think the key is to double-check the connections by giving them a gentle push.