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One Wireless Keyboard, Mouse Combo for 2 Computers?

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See title.


Is this possible?


I currently have a Logitech Wireless Desktop Wave, and I have two comps.  Granted that I only have ONE receiver at this point, but if I opt to buy a replacement receiver from Logitech, would this work?  One wireless mouse/keyboard combo for two comps?


I have tried a KVM switch, but on one of them, I cannot access the BIOS when hooked via a switch!  So I have to forego that route.


Thanks very much in advance for any info!



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Re: One Wireless Keyboard, Mouse Combo for 2 Computers?

The wireless sets are designed to only connect to one receiver at a time, to avoid exactly what you are suggesting. Some models can be tricked into doing it, but I don't know how (the users on a dual-boxing forum suggested it as a method to have 2 World of Warcraft characters do the same actions at once, so you can play both characters at once). If you did set this up, you wouldn't be able to have both computers turned on at once without sending all the clicks and keys to both. Probably not what you want.

KVM switches often emulate a simple mouse/keyboard so that the PCs don't see a disconnect, which can cause problems with anything but the simplest mouse/keyboard set, so Logitech doesn't support KVM switches and other pass-thru devices.

There are USB KVM switches that just switch the connection, so the PCs just see the device unplugged and re-plugged (and take a few seconds to re-load the drivers), but even those won't necessarily work correctly with all devices.

According to this post, the TrendNet TK-209K USB KVM may work.

Another option is to share your mouse/keyboard over a network using Synergy (if you have a monitor for each computer) or share the mouse/keyboard/video with Windows Remote Desktop or VNC.

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Re: One Wireless Keyboard, Mouse Combo for 2 Computers?

Thanks, Richard, for taking the time to write that post.  Looks like I'll have to stick with the one-keyboard-mouse-for-each-comp solution.  Not really what I wanted, but that seems the best way, considering the possible consequences otherwise.


Thanks again!

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Re: One Wireless Keyboard, Mouse Combo for 2 Computers?

There is an easy solution to having One Keyboard/Mouse and two or three or more computers.  There is a program called Synergy.  It sets up a private network with all of your computers, be they Windows, Linux or Mac.  I'm currently running one box with Win XP and one box with Ubuntu 14.10.  No mechanical switches.  Just move the mouse from one screen to the next and the keyboard is active on that system.