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Pro 2000 Cordless Keyboard not working

VERY FRUSTRATED with this piece of junk!  Spent 2 hours now trying to get it to work.  It is a refurb so no excuse for sending out a DOA after supposed refurbishing.


It has batteries in it, brand new ones, and it is turned on (even though nothing lights up on the keyboard to say it is on or off).


I have the latest SetPoint software installed.  I tried installing some other Logitech software from Logitech's website but my computer says it is older than what I already have installed with my V220 mouse, so it won't allow it to be installed.  Not sure if this is a problem but the computer does not give me any option to accept the keyboard software.


I have Vista Basic Home on the computer.  The Setpoint settings shows the keyboard (says it is a 2800 which I suspect is the same thing as a 2000).  It is unable to tell the battery status, which suggests to me there is either a problem with the USB receiver or the keyboard.


I tried it on another computer, with no response.  Keyboard keystrokes do not register in any way.  DOA?


I think I need a RMA.  But any advice on anything else I can try?  This needs to be way simpler, should be plug and play, not involving hours of software downloading and farting around.  Did I say VERY FRUSTRATED?



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Re: Pro 2000 Cordless Keyboard not working

Hi stormh2oguy,


All of our keyboards operate on drivers already present within your OS, which means that with or without our SetPoint software installed, they should function as generic keyboards. 


Unfortunately, since the keyboard is non-responsive when plugged into a second PC, that points to an issue within the device itself. If possible, I'd suggest contacting the retailer for an exchange/refund.


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