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Receiver wanted for older model wireless keyboard and mouse

I'm looking for a receiver for an older model wireless keyboard and mouse I was told has been discontinued. Part number is 867435-0403, for keyboard; PN 831100-0000 for mouse. Does anyone have a receiver that would be compatible? Please let me know, thanks.
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Re: Receiver wanted for older model wireless keyboard and mouse

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According to a quick web search, I think that model uses Logitech's 27MHz FastRF protocol, so the receiver from any other FastRF keyboard set will probably work. Note that you need the dual-channel receiver from a keyboard set, so the single-channel receiver from a stand-alone mouse won't work for the keyboard.

See this list:

You could take your set into a computer shop and see if the receiver from any of the current FastRF keyboards works (LX710, MX3200, EasyCall) to make sure.

Logitech sells some replacement receivers (usually $10 + S/H). Contact Logitech Sales at 800-231-7717 (US and Canada only), see the Contact page, or check the Support->Downloads + Parts section as some models now list receivers there for sale.

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