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SOLUTION: Reconnecting mouse and keyboard (S520)

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I have had a good experience with this product, but today, both the keyboard and mouse stopped responding, and the problem wasn't with the batteries.  Unfortunately, I also couldn't remember exactly how to reconnect (I tried what I thought made sense, but the light indicators are far from intuitive) - to my knowledge, there are no manuals that describe this process, nothing on YouTube, etc., presumably because under normal circumstances, everything just works.  I moved the receiver to another PC, still no luck.


I called tech support and got a quick, efficient solution.


1) Take the batteries out of the keyboard and mouse.

2) Click on the mouse buttons and keyboard buttons for about 10 seconds.

3) Reinsert batteries.

4) Do the normal connection process, which is:


- Press Connect on receiver, at which point the A and 1 lights will alternate flashing in search mode.

- Press the Connect button on the mouse or keyboard, doesn't matter.

- Receiver should show A and 1 lights on together briefly, and then the 1 light should be on.

- Repeat for other device.


The explanation I got was that periodically, the keyboard and mouse can build up a static charge that prevents them from properly functioning, so you need to discharge the static (hence the clicking of the keys/buttons).


This worked like a charm, and when I plugged back in to my original PC, it was immediately aware of the devices, without going through the Connect process again.


Hope this helps - I searched all over the Web and this forum for this answer but couldn't find it anywhere.