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Scroll Lock

Hi all,

I bought a Logitech Keyboard (Cordeless Desktop EX1000), now i'm not able to use my video swtich, i need to push 2 time on Scroll Lock ... But with this keyboard, where is it now ?


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Re: Scroll Lock

HiSmiley Happy,
Assuming you're actually referring to the EX100 (AFAIK, we don't have a 'EX1000'), this keyboard does not have a scroll lock key. Normally, it would be possible to program the scroll lock function into one of the programmable keys with uberOptions, but as this is a very old model that only uses SetPoint 2.41, uberOptions might not be compatible with it.
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Re: Scroll Lock

uberOptions would work with SetPoint to set a button to Scroll Lock on the EX100, but since that is all in software the KVM switch won't see it at all. You will need to use some other method of switching control on your KVM switch or get a different model of keyboard.

See also this thread about KVM problems with the EX110 model, which also doesn't have Scroll Lock.

Incidentally, if you do try uberOptions on the EX100 I'd like some feedback, as I haven't tried uberOptions with that model yet. Post here or email me at RLOwens at if you want to try it.

-Richard L. Owens, author of the uberOptions mod for SetPoint. Unlock the options of your SetPoint-controlled device! mirror