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Tablet Keyboard missing keys fix

So, i'm just posting this here because i think its useful information, but there may be better forums.  I recently purchased Logitech's Tablet Keyboard for the ipad.  Its a great keyboard, bluetooth-enabled, and while the ipad (and ipad software) has a way to go to enable the functionality that a keyboard engenders, its a big step towards making the ipad a productivity/creativity device.  Instead of, you know, an Angry Birds device.


Anyway, i've got this great piece of hardware, and i use it also with my desktop (after purchasing a Bluetooth dongle). Unfortch, this keyboard doesn't have a "delete", "print screen", or "escape" key.  not necessary for the ipad really, but definitely for using your desktop.  I found a nifty solution in AutoHotKey,, which allows you to remap functions to any combination of keystrokes.  You create small scripts that run in the background and specify your keymappings.  


I was able to get my logitech keyboard to use the above commands by running a script with the following commands: 


^1::smileyfrustrated:end {ESC}
^=::smileyfrustrated:end {Delete}
^P::smileyfrustrated:end {PrintScreen}

You can acutally use this program to do all sorts of neat little shortcuts (e.g., #space::Run, but i've only just downloaded it today.  Sorry Logitech for the 3rd party advertisement, but it totally enhances your hardware!  


Hope this helps someone!

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Re: Tablet Keyboard missing keys fix

I had similar problems with that keyboard and I have written a complete guide about how to remap it, you can find it here 

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Re: Tablet Keyboard missing keys fix

Just want to point out that Fn-3 brings up the iPad's on-screen keyboard, which has Esc, Del, PgUp, PgDn, etc.  It's a two step process: bring up keyboard, hit key, but it works ...

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Re: Tablet Keyboard missing keys fix

In case someone else finds this topic and, like me,  is looking for "REPLACEMENT KEYS" for the LogiTech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover ... I found an inexpensive source for the "keycaps" and "retainer clips".


Visit and select the key(s) of your choice ... they're under $10 each.  I just ordered mine a moment ago.