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There is no Unifying receiver plugged into your computer...

I just got a new keyboard and mouse from my boss and I'm having trouble getting it to work on my computer.  The keyboard is a K800, the mouse is a M185.  They are both wireless and he gave me his Unifying receiver that he used with both of them. 


The mouse works great, but I cannot get the keyboard to function at all.  I have downloaded all the Unifying software and keep getting the error that says "There is no Unifying receiver plugged into your computer..." when the receiver is plugged in and is working with the mouse.  Any ideas would be helpful!





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Re: There is no Unifying receiver plugged into your computer...

Hi 801bdf,


The reason you cannot connect the keyboard with the mouse is because the mouse is using a nano receiver. This looks identical to the unifying receiver physically but does not have the unifying symbol. The M185 mouse ships with this nano receiver and the K800 cannot connect to it.


You would need a unifying receiver in order to connect the K800.



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