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Ultra X Premium Keyboard: Is there a 'sleep' key?

Recently, I bought a Dell Inspiron 660 desktop. This came with a Dell keyboard with a half-moon key, which puts the computer into sleep mode. This is useful, so, at the moment, I'm persevering with this keyboard.


However, I've a Logitech Ultra X Premium Keyboard (model: Y-BL49A), which I would like to use with the computer. The only thing that is stopping me is that I can't identify a sleep mode key. Furthermore, I don't know if the keyboard has such a facility.


Is there any way that I could program a key on my keyboard to initiate sleep mode in my computer?


Finally, there's quite a lot of symbols on my logitech keyboard that I don't understand. In this regard, could you refer me to a web page that would give me information on the Y-BL49A?



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Re: Ultra X Premium Keyboard: Is there a 'sleep' key?

Hi donny99,


Our Ultra X Media Keyboard currently doesn't have a sleep key available.


However, I invite you to check our Logitech Keyboards, since we have a variety of media keyboards that might interest you.


I hope this information was helpful.

Kind regards,

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