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Wave K350 keyboard tray



I'm curious how others have solved the issue with the Wave keyboards being so deep and fitting them on a tray under the desk.  I'm especially interested in teh keyboard and mouse underdesk solution.  It seems like most trays aren't deep enough or they may be close if I can rip of the wrist support on the tray.


Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Re: Wave K350 keyboard tray

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Hello carnahanad,


The Wireless Keyboard K350 was designed for a more comfort wrist support when typing. This is the reason why this keyboard has a thicker cover and uses the cushioned palm rest. Since it was designed that way, is best to use it on top of the desk.


Let me also suggest not to rip off the palm rest, since that will void the warranty of your product.


If you which to have a keyboard that you can use on a desk tray, let me suggest a using a thinner keyboard like the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 or the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.  


I hope this information helps! Smiley Wink

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Re: Wave K350 keyboard tray

I guess I should have been more clear.  I wouldn't take apart my keyboad.  I was talking about the wrist pad on keyboard trays.  To get my logitech keyboard to fit on some of the trays, I'd have to take the wrist pad off the tray. 


I currently have my keyboard on a tray under my desk, but I want to get a new one so my mouse can also fit there.  with the keybaord on the desk, I have to raise my seat too high and my legs get uncomfortable with all the height.  I also like to be able to just push my tray in use the space directly in front of me for hand calculations.


So, I'm still on the hunt for an under desk tray that has a mouse swing out.


I really like my Wave keyboard.  It's very comfortable and intuitive with the extra functions, so I'm trying to find ways to make it work better with my desk setup.