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Where is the FN key on logitech k120?

I need the FN key to toggle between monitors, where is it on the K120?


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Re: Where is the FN key on logitech k120?

Hello brunoAh,


I'm glad to answer your question regarding the Keyboard K120, this keyboard doesn't have a FN key. We have Washable Keyboard K310 or the Wireless Keyboard K360 that have a FN key however the function keys are meant to be use and modified with our SetPoint software, so even if you get a Logitech keyboard with a FN key, this will not be supported.


Please let me know if this information helps.


Best Regards,




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Logi Nu
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Re: Where is the FN key on logitech k120?

Thank you for the prompt response, I appreciate it, however...


What is wrong with you large coroporations?


Why no FN key?


It's like Mc Donalds with no ketchup or a car with no windows...


So you answer is "no" and that's it?


I don't care about the money, but it's the principle. I want a refund and the money required to upgrade to whaterver keyboard has FN key.


Failure to do so will severely hurt Logitech reputation, I'm serious about this and will take action.


Best Regards,

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Re: Where is the FN key on logitech k120?

Logitech makes dozens of different keyboards, you bought one without a feature that Logitech decided not to include.


How on earth did you make that choice? If you needed a Fn key what possessed you to buy one without that feature? Don't you put any research into your purchases? Can't you look at the box before you take it to the checkout?


What about people who do not want a Fn key? Large corporations for example. What are they supposed to do if they want to buy keyboards with no Fn key?



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