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White Logitech Keyboard + Mice combo for Windows

Last time when I bought beige white keyboard+mice combos for 6 computers was 2004.

Since then there haven't been any other white versions than for Macintosh.


Also have note that I have avoided Logitech since (with keyboards). Smiley Sad

Why white (or beige white)?

- If you use glasses and your eysight in dark is not so good. White keyboard with black letters are way to go

- If you like the white color better

- The color fits your computer color

- White color makes you relaxed and Black color makes you subconsciously disturbed


Logitech, why do you release only Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Flowered, etc, but no plain white or sand colored Windows versions????

Please explain!! I hope you will release these in near future so I don't have to buy six Macintosh computers with white keyboards.