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Wireless Desktop MK320 and Windows XP Pro 64-bit



I just bought a wireless desktop MK320 for my PC that is running  Windows XP Pro 64-bit OS and can not get the keyboard or mouse to work at all. When I plug in the logitech wireless USB receiver, Windows sees that there is a new piece of hardware attached but can not find the driver for "USB receiver". The Logitech box says that the keyboard and mouse are compatible with Windows XP / Vista and Windows 7. It does not come with any drivers claiming to be plug and play. When I plug the wireless USB receiver into a PC running Windows XP 32-bit OS, it is recognized and the keyboard and mouse work fine. Is there a website I can download the 64-bit drivers from? Is there something else I need to do for this combo set to work with Windows XP 64-bit?


Thank you.

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Re: Wireless Desktop MK320 and Windows XP Pro 64-bit


I have exactly the same problem, but working with Windows 7 x64. I have downloaded the SetPoint software for this O.S. It cannot connect de mouse &Keyboard, because it cannot find the driver for the USB Logitech connector. It is useless and desperating. Can anyone help?