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Wireless Wave K350 keyboard and M510 mouse problems

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I've just purchased a wireless Logitech Wave keyboard and wireless M510 mouse and I'm having problems with them already. They worked fine for like a minute and ever since have been playing up!

The keys on the keyboard don't actually type. They open up new windows, new tabs, do all sorts of things. The music controls work fine though. The mouse moves the cursor around like it should but double clicking icons doesn't work. When you select a file and then a different file it highlights them both as if the shift key is held down. When I open a web page it opens it in a new tab for some reason.

Any idea what's going on?

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Re: Wireless Wave K350 keyboard and M510 mouse problems

I too am having problems with my recently purchased K350 and M510 mouse but mine is just slugish and non responsive at times the mouse just stops on the screen and will not move unless you swirl it around a couple of times and the keyboard will not keep up with my typing speed and that is slow. I think that maybe the bluetooth unit is too far away or cannot read through my desk top, it is about four feet away and is back under the desk on the rear of my computer. Will an extension cord work or???


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Re: Wireless Wave K350 keyboard and M510 mouse problems

Has anyone replied to your problems and tried to give you a solution?  I'm on my 2nd keyboard because the 1st one stuck or skipped like the 2nd one is doing now especially the space bar.   My mouse is so bad some days I would like to feed it to the cat!!!  Yesterday it did not function at all but either stuck or went wherever it felt its working better for now but yesterday I kept switching and changing batteries to see if that made a difference but it didn't.  The people at Best Buy didn't know anything when I was looking at buying a new mouse but don't want to get the same thing I have now...anybody out there know what the problem is????

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Re: Wireless Wave K350 keyboard and M510 mouse problems

how the hell do i CONTACT someone in support at LOGITECH,,,, have tried for several hours and still nothing works,,, my K350 keyboard does not work,,, mouse does fine,,, now any help will be greatly appreciated,,, ole fart Jimmy Haley

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Re: Wireless Wave K350 keyboard and M510 mouse problems

This conversation started five years ago. No one from the support team is likely to see it.


Better to start a new discussion. Then someone might take pity on you.




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