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Wireless mouse and keyboard & win 8.1

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My dell venue 8 pro isn't seeing my logitech mk270 receiver win 8.1 I have not installed any software because I didn't need to on my desktop running win 7.

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Re: Wireless mouse and keyboard & win 8.1

Hi RCjim,


We currently do not have a software available for Windows 8.1, however, your MK270 should work with the native drivers of your computer. I would suggest to make sure you are plugging your MK270 to a 2.0 USB port and not a 3.0 USB port. Also, please note that this is just a new update for Windows 8 and we are still working with Microsoft in order to fix this kind of issues. 


Meanwhile, you can try the following:


1. Open the Device Manager and expand the Mice and Other Pointer Devices and the Keyboards section.
2. Right click on the Logitech MK270 mouse and select uninstall.
3. Unplug the receiver and restart the computer.
4. After the computer boots up, plug the receiver into a different USB and wait for the drivers to automatically reload.
5. Once the drivers are installed you should get a message saying "Your device is ready to use".
Please give this a try.
Kind regards,

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