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how to replace keycaps on illuminated keyboard?

The "1" key's keycap has unsnapped from my new Illuminated Keyboard (this after just a few days). I've tried and tried, but can't fugure out how to replace it. Does the little white scissors part go on the switch side first, or the key?


Are there illustrations or a video on how this can be replaced? Seems this is a fairly common issue and should be documented somewhere.

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Re: how to replace keycaps on illuminated keyboard?

I have the same problem with the cap on my "Q" key.  It appears that after almost 2 years, not even Logitech replied to this posted problem.


I don't regard the key as really "broken" . . . I'd just like to know how to reassemble the "scissors" etc.  Is there a diagram somewhere that shows how ?


- Dave G.

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Re: how to replace keycaps on illuminated keyboard?

Hello stargazer7,


 We do not have reassemble instructions available . Please contact customer care for your region .



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Re: how to replace keycaps on illuminated keyboard?

You can look on Youtube for video tutorial on putting the keys on.


Sadly, the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is the only desktop keyboard in over 20 years that caused me problems with keys breaking.


To make matters worse, Logitech refuses to send out keys, they insist you mail in the entire keyboard, even if just one lousy key had one of those tiny plastic pins break.


If you're overseas, like me, paying for round-trip shipping the keyboard costs more than the purchase price.


What a nightmare.  I can't even buy a US English keyboard where I am, so I'm stuck with the left shift key and the enter key broken, and Logitech is like "oh well, thats the only thing we will do, you have to send it in"


This is the LAST time I have purchased a keyboard without FIRST verifying if I can also buy a bunch of spare keys from the vendor.  Not like any of my keytronics or cherry keyboards ever came close to needing that, but they aren't as pretty as Logitech's fragile things. 


What to do...?

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Re: how to replace keycaps on illuminated keyboard?

To replace the keys on the logitech illuminated keyboard, follow these steps.


Attached the white scissor clip to the detached key. You will see 4 lugs which fit into the key. Now that you have the white scissor clip attached to the key, you will see that the scissor clip needs to clip onto the metal brackets which sit either side of the rubber grommet.


Using a small pair of pliers or a small screwdriver, gently pry the metal tabs upward, so that they sit closer together, this will allow you to sit the clip onto the bracket.


Now sit the key onto the keyboard so that the metal tabs sit into the locating holes on the plastic clip.


Once the clip is seated over the top of the two brackets, press down firmly on the key, this will spread the metal brackets back into position, and hold the key in place.


I hope this helps,




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Need a replacement keycap for illuminated keyboard!

I have this keyoard:


... and have been living with  a broken "Shift" keycap for a couple of years.  I know how to re-attach the keycaps but this one is actullay broken.  Half of one clear hook is broken off the keycap itself so it keeps on flippin up with one side still attached.


Does anyone know where I can get just a shift key cap for this keyboard?  I bought it on March 10, 2009 (1 year beyond warrently), but everything else still works perfectly.


Thanks, Ron