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keyboard letters don't work

When I type, the wrong letters come up.  For example, when I strike J, I get an L.  Help!
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Re: keyboard letters don't work

Take the batteries out of the keyboard, and type for several minutes without stopping. You won't see anything typing, but this will clear out the battery power from the built-in computer chip, and allow the chip to reset to factory settings. If the problem is due to bad batteries or bad chip information, this should help. Put fresh batteries back in, don't use the old ones. Also, make sure you are plugged directly into the computer, not through a hub, docking station, KVM switch, etc.
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Re: keyboard letters don't work



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From your post, I see that you had a question on why the key function is different from the one that is applied.


May I whether have you managed to source out any fixes to have it work properly again? The suggestion given by bluja000 is worth trying as it would help to clear the receiver and keyboard memories which will then allow for a new value.


Please do let me know if the issue still persists so that I could offer further assistance if needed.