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keyboard problems

I bought a wireless keyboard about a month ago. Now I am having problems. It is not

typing freely. The wrong letters come up. They don't come up when they are supposed to and there

are breaks in words. What to do?

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Re: keyboard problems

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What model of keyboard do you have? What OS? What drivers?


Try re-connecting the keyboard and receiver. This is either done with a Connect button on the receiver and keyboard, or using the Connect Utility that installs with SetPoint. Also try securing the keyboard via SetPoint (if that option appears in SetPoint for your model).


If not, try it on another PC to make sure it is the mouse/keyboard that is the problem (not your PC). If the problem is the same on the other PC, get the mouse replaced.

Less than 30 days since purchase, you need to exchange it where you got it.
After 30 days, you would be covered under the 1, 3, or 5 year warranty from Logitech.
See here for RMA info. See the Contact Us page for how to contact Logitech Support for a warranty return.

-Richard L. Owens, author of the uberOptions mod for SetPoint. Unlock the options of your SetPoint-controlled device! mirror