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wireless keyboard SLOW to type

Model: S520

OS: Vista

PC: it's a new Compaq CQ60-210US w/ top-of-the line memories, etc. (for a Compaq, that is).


Symptom: It worked fine for the last month or so. Then, in the last couple of days, I began noticing that I was making a LOT of typos. When I paid closer attention, I realized that the keystrokes are either: (1) intermittently interrupted; and/or (2) too slowly processed--so that some keystrokes are being skipped.


I have tried disconnecting, restarting, new batteries, etc.


Questions: Do you think this might be a PC problem, or is it a keyboard problem?  Also, what are some possible solutions?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: wireless keyboard SLOW to type



Are there any possible sources of interference near the receiver (speakers, wireless router, PC's power supply unit, etc.)? Interference is the main cause of these kind of lagging problems. 

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Re: wireless keyboard SLOW to type

Did you ever find a fix for this problem? The S520 is practically unusable for me when it skips 1 out of 3 keys typed.




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Re: wireless keyboard SLOW to type

I am having the same issues with the WAVE Wireless Keyboard;


Model - RCP-140


Symptom are the same. I did install the latest drivers after I this started Jan 3.  I am currently uninstalling any update since then.  About to reinstall OS.



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Re: wireless keyboard SLOW to type

I'd be damned if I would reinstall my OS over a piece of hardware. Take it back and get something else. Another brand. If logitech won't fix their crap, get em where it hurts.