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Mouse dragging problems with cordless MX Duo on Mac Pro

I have a cordless MX Duo (Logitech Cordless Keyboard + MX 700 mouse) that I have been using for several years, but lately the dragging problems with the mouse are becoming intolerable. I am using MX Duo with a new Dual Core Mac Pro tower and Mac OS X 10.5.4, and, yes, I updated and reinstalled the Logitech Control Center software when I switched to the new system.

Note that I do not have this problem with the OEM keyboard and mouse (which I'm using right now, actually).

When I drag the mouse, the dragging action is inconsistent – the signal seems to "break" before I release the mouse button, sometimes quite quickly. This results in the end of the dragging, or even more annoyingly, a click or double-click action that results in files or applications being launched when I don't want them to. A workaround I've been able to use in the finder is simply to use the middle button to select and drag with, however, this solution does not work in most applications.

(The keyboard works great and I'm quite happy with it.)

I will note that I also had problems with the original mouse about two years ago, and bought another MX 700 mouse as a replacement (I simply used it with the old charger/controller). This seemed to have worked fine for a while, but now I'm seeing the same problems again on my new setup.

I'm not sure if its a hardware problem or a software one, because the problem is worse in some applications than others.

Is there a fix for this, or is this simply a problem inherent to the MX 700? Do I just need to get a newer cordless keyboard mouse combo?
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Re: Mouse dragging problems with cordless MX Duo on Mac Pro

Hello pgwerner,


Thank you for you posting.


As I understand you, have the MX Duo which you have been using for quite some time on your Dual Core Mac Pro running OSX 10.5.4. You are currently experiencing the issues, that when dragging, the drag off breaks similar as to when the mouse button would have been released. A partial workaround you state you have is to use the middel mouse button instead, but this is not a viable option for all applications. You mention also, that about two years ago, you had issues with the MX700 from the desktop and purchased a replacement MX700 for the desktop.


Based on what you have been explained and what I understand the issue to be, there is a strong chance that this may well be a hardware defect with the MX700 mouse button. To avoid a complicated process of trying to software troubleshot this issue on your Mac, I would suggest, that you attempt to test on different computer. This way we can quickly determine whether this is truly a hardware or software issue. Trying different hardware on your Mac is unfortunately not the same, as trying the hardware on a different computer.


If this really is a hardware issue, I would suggest you to contact Customer Support in your region to get them to help you with a warranty exchange. That is, if you desktop is still within warranty.


I can help you a bit on the way with finding that out:


1. Where are you based in the world?

2. What is the PN and PID/SN of the mouse, keyboard and receiver?


I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards

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