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Attack 3

I bought Wings of Prey and an Attack 3 joystick. I cannot get the joystick to work in the game. Logitech Profiler is driving me nuts. Can someone explain how to set up the joystick w/ profiler? Thank you.

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Re: Attack 3

I have exact same problem. Logitech fix this!!!!! (minus game. I'm using it on Microsoft flight simulator X)

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Re: Attack 3

cant get it to work in 'the game'? what game does it say it works with?

I think we should all write the company to stop selling this product! (its still available online directly from logitech).

logitech is a great company! no other complaints but the market is flooded with these $20 joysticks that do nothing but hold papers on your desk.

how is this possible?

can i have a list of games that this joystick ever worked with?

i will go find the games i already have the joystick.

when i go to the store i am scared to buy a new joystick for fear that i will come home and see its the attack 3 again!

i was robbed and now i fear buying a joystick.

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Re: Attack 3

Ok let me get this right?,  I cannot use ATK3 to play  strike force, call of duty etc.. What @#%! Is this a joy stick you can't use? 

why the hell don't they put a label  on it "IT WON'T WORK WITH MOST GAMES" that will sure make a hell of marketing sticker



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Re: Attack 3

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Hello BSWest,


Wings of Prey How to setup:
Profile -> Option -> Controls -> Devices

You should have a full list of "Not assigned" for each axis you need to set.

There are only 3 axis you have to set with the Attack 3 Joystick;
Aileron (move the joystick left or right)
Elevator (move forward or back)
Throttle (move the wheel forward or back)

NOTE: You may have to invert the axis for your own preferences

ALSO, make sure to set the aileron and elevator to full nonlinearity or your control surfaces may stick to one direction.

Once you are done with that, press back to continue on to keymapping.
Profile -> Options -> Controls -> Keymapping

From here you can set your buttons on the joystick.

My preferences;
Button 1 - Fire guns
Button 2 - Fire rockets
Button 3 - Drop Bomb
Button 4 - Machine Guns
Button 5 - Cannons
Button 7 - Toggle Flaps
Button 8 - Toggle Gear
Button 9 - Wheel Brake

You could swap out Button 4&5 with left and right rudder peddles to add more control surfaces to the joystick

If a profile does not already exist  within the software the above is a good example of how to create one.
Best Regards,

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Re: Attack 3

How do you set the x and y axis?

Every other button works, and I understand how to program those, but the x/y axis just wont work.