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Driving Force GT (PC Win7) wont work on Driver San Francisco

Please help, Driver SanFrancisco by Ubisoft, wont recognise my Driving Force GT Wheel pedals or steering. Need for speed and other games work fine....

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Re: Driving Force GT (PC Win7) wont work on Driver San Francisco

Hi Yoda70,


I think Driver San Francisco doesn't natively support the Driving Force GT Wheel. A work around that you can try is to use the Logitech Profiler Software to get your Driving Force GT Wheel to emulate keyboard inputs.


  • Open the Logitech Profiler. If you don't have it installed yet, you can download it from this link.
  • Select New > Profile.
  • Create a profile for Driver San Francisco. Use this article as a guide: Answer ID: 21689.
  • The window should look like the one below.

Driver SF 1.JPG




  • For example, to emulate steering, click Steering Wheel> Select Axis Assignment>New Axis Assignment.  You should have a window like the one below.

Driver SF 2.JPG


  • For example, if you use the letter A on your keyboard to turn left and the letter D to turn right, you can assign keystroke A and keystroke B to turn left and turn right in the Logitech Profiler Software (Refer to the image above).
  • To create a keystroke, click Edit (Refer to the image above) and select New keystroke.
  • Click Record and press the key on your keyboard you want to record (In my example, it's A or D). Click Stop Recording and click OK.
  • Click the drop down arrow under turn left or turn right and select keystroke A or keystroke D.




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