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Dual Action Controller and Windows 8

I'm testing Windows 8 and i have a small problem with the Dual Action Controller. Windows 8 detects the device but when I goto control panel -> Set up USB game controllers the Z-Axis doesn't register.  Everything else works fine as does the Z-Rotation but nothing shows up under Z-axis. 


If i go calibrate the controller it can see the data for Z-axis but back again at the main screen the Z-axis data does not move when i test it on the controller.


Any one else run into this with Windows 8?  Any idea for a fix?

Logi Nu
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Re: Dual Action Controller and Windows 8

I fixed it by installing the lg510_x64 drivers.  Oh, but wait, it gives you a nasty popup saying this windows not siupported?  Right click on the file, select properties, and than give it administrative priveliges and most importantly, compatibility with windows 7 and it should work.  Registered here just to post this fix.  GL!