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Dual Action Gamepad for Linux???

Does anybody know how to install a Logitech Dual Action Gamepad on a Linux-based system?  Nothing happens when I plug mine in, and I can't seem to find any evidence that the computer even recognizes its existence.
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Re: Dual Action Gamepad for Linux???

I am using it in ubuntu 10.04 it is not at all easy to set up( no fault of the controller though) basically you need to install






device manager ( if you wish to see it graphically represented on your computer) P.S it will show up at first as generic xbox controller. After it is set up it will appear in dev/input  by-id usb-Logitech_USB_Gaming_Mouse-mouse


edit the configuration files in modules adding modules for logitech gamepads.

This thread will show you how to create the device profile and edit the files.

by default the controller will show up in the file   dev/input  as event x   ( on my computer as event13)

Follow the instructions to make the device name js0


to use jscal open terminal and type in      jscal


next type

cat /dev/input/js0


dingbats should appear. push each button to be sure they all create dingbats in the terminal . If so then your controller is working.

(sorry there will be no graphic representation of your controller in linux)


Next use rejoystick to map your keys you will use for your game


in terminal type




(a gui will appear ) here is where you will set all of your buttons, but be careful they are correct ( at this point i dont know how to map mouse input only keyboard inputs)

after selecting all of your buttons click ok in the rejoystick gui

in terminal it should return to the next line automatically ( blank with no errors)

now to activate the controller for your game type in terminal


rejoystick -d


if it returns to the next line without errors go play your game and congratulations , but you will need to tweak your buttons later.


I hope logitech will see that many people are buying the controller for linux games, and make software and drivers specifically for this task. (most people I know have this controller and are using it in linux) 


Let me know if this is helpful or not. And to logitech let us know when there will be linux support ( As we are also the ones buying the G5 mouse, logitech, gamepads, webcams, speakers systems, etc  all of which I am using in linux . Some cases I needed to create my own drivers or software to operate the products, however all logitech products are great.  The average customer doesn`t want to spend 11 hours setting a gamepad though, so thank you in advance.