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Dual Action™ Gamepad

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The Dual Action™ Gamepad works on my computer that has windows XP. But my laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium-- however the Logitech Gaming Software isn't working. It opens but it is in the far left corner of my screen where I can see a bit of it but I can't drag it down into my computer screen to use it.


And even if I click on inside the window I can reach I still can't drag it. Lastly if I close it and try to open it again it wont open at all. Unless I reset the computer. But then it is still stuck in the corner...


 Is there any way I can fix this problem?

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Ok, I got it to open by opening the task manager and clicking maximize but now I have a different problem. The controller isn't there and it seems like the program cannot read it. However the control pannel sees it but I cannot fix how I want the keys from there. So now I'm stuck with a blank black screen in the Logitech Gaming Software 64. In the tab Device it only reads 'Controller 1' and even if I click on that the screen is still blank. I tried hitting 'New...' and other buttons but nothing is functioning like it should.
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