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Extreme 3D Pro Throttle Centering

I resently purchased an Extreme 3D Pro joystick to use in Star Trek Online. It has taken a little trial and error, but I have gotten it to do 90+% of what I bought it for. However, there is one issue that is driving me nuts and if I can't resolve it I may have to scrap the whole idea and that is camera control.


Currently I have the right/left camera control on the Z-axis twist and it works perfectly, just the way I wanted it. The issue comes in to where I have camera elevation tied to the throttle axis, since it's not used AS often, the location on the base is less of an issue. However, since that physical control is not spring loaded to self-center, unless you manually center it exactly square in the middle, you will tend to have "camera creep", which is an issue.


What I would like is to make the center third of the throttle range be a null (Or stop or whatever) so it is easier to hit during play and have the top and bottom thirds work as they currently do. This would be easier if the game had commands for verticle camera control (Since I've used game commands on the the other settings for the joystick), but ALL of my research (Even checking games from the same developer) has come up empty on that score. So I'm hoping that there is something that I can do within the Logitic Software (I've got the latest version) to take care of this issue.

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Re: Extreme 3D Pro Throttle Centering

Hi Magedude,


The tilt span in your in-game camera perspective is broader than the scope of the throttle twist if subdivided into view segments. This implicates a wide ratio of difference between throttle twist area and camera movement per segment. This will translate a slight twist of the throttle to a large shift in the camera's area of view. I think this explains the "camera creep" even when the throttle swivel is steady on mid.


I think you should try reducing the "Sensitivity" and "Range" value of Axis Properties in the Logitech Profiler. Please follow the steps given below to configure this option:


  1. Close all active applications including STO.
  2. Launch the Logitech Profiler (Start > All Programs > Logitech > Logitech Gaming Software)
  3. Click on "Throttle" and select "Axis Properties...".
  4. Slide to adjust "Sensitivity" option. You can lessen it from the default value of 50%. Play around with its settings in between 45% to 25%.
  5. Slide to adjust "Range" option below. You can lessen it from the default value of 100%. Play around with its settings in between 95% to 75%.

Try it and see how it goes. I hope this suggestion helps.




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