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Extreme 3D Pro, Windows 8 & FSX

Can anyone give me the latest on the problems involving my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Fsx flight sim & Windows 8 64 bit.

I find the joystick fails occasionally during flight, FSX does not then identify the joystick meaning you have restart the program.
I know there is a lot written on the issue, has anyone found a real solution? I do have the latest drivers installed.

Thanks for any help

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Re: Extreme 3D Pro, Windows 8 & FSX

Hello Rob,


I've listed some troubleshooting steps that might help you resolve the issue with your Extreme 3D Pro Joystick.


  • Try different USB ports. Make sure the joystick is plugged in directly to the USB port of the computer. Avoid using a hub or docking station.
  • If possible, test the joystick in different games to isolate the issue. If the issue is isolated to FSX, try reinstalling the game.
  • If you are using the Logitech Profiler Software, try setting your profile for FSX as a persistent profile:
    1. On the Logitech Profiler, click "Options".
    2. Select "Global Profile Settings".
    3. Select "Apply Persistent Profile".
    4. Select the profile of the game.


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