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G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

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Will the G27 Racing Wheel work with the PS4?

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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

Hi rdavis,


I've found a similar thread which discusses on the same topic:


Unfortunately, we still don't have an official notification whether or not the wheel will be supported on PS4 consoles. The wheel works with HID drivers found on PS3 port consoles, so we're expecting the same driver implementation on its current successor.


It's up for the game console developers (Sony) to verify if their driver support will accommodate external wheel controllers, or to update it in a timely manner. I hope this information helps.




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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

According to this, all PS3 wheels will work with Driveclub on PS4.. don't know if that means all PS4 games will be compatible though.


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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

No disrespect but it seems like your answer is a complete contradiction to a Sony developer who is developing there new game Driveclub.
he states that they will support logic wheels on ps4 if logitech support and bring their product to the ps4.
Here is the link

it's a direct response to question number 3.

So what I want to know is who's lying???
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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

Guys everyone sign the petition I just started now. 


It's here...


It's the only way to show how many people truly care about this issue, which I think is a lot more than Sony and Logitech realises

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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

Your response was over 8 months ago and pretty much the release date for the PS4. Can you elaborate a little more to bring us loyal Logitech consumers some enlightenment on the current status of this unbeleivable oversight by the envolved parties that pass the buck. What the buck, eh? I am literally surrounded by Logitech gear. Just a some quick math, I have over $600 worth of Logitech equipment that was bought new by me. If I do not matter to Logitech then they have seriously flawed priorities. I am not bashing Logitech, I am obviously a fan and consumer. Thanks in advance for updating us all on this important issue. BTW, I have an above average PC that I built so PS4 is not my main gaming mode. I am basically getting the PS4 to play Killzone 4. I had hoped to be able to maybe race a bit also.

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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

And the good folks at Logitech go silent.....

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Re: G27 Racing Wheel with PS4

Will the G27 ever be compatible with games such as "Gran Turismo 7" I purchased the G27 wheel before the PS4 came out assuming that it would be compatible. If the sellers of the "Thrustmaster Wheel" or whatever can have their wheel be supported than how come the G27 can not. This is not an exceptable issue and I am sure all owners of the G27 wheel would like to know if we will ever be able to use the G27 with our PS4.