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G27 force feedback deadzone

What's the deal with the horrible deadzone in the force feedback?

Can turn the wheel around 5-10 degrees to each side with no ffb.


Please fix!


Thank you.

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Re: G27 force feedback deadzone

Hi Gazer75,


The G27 Racing has dual motors that work in opposition each other. The closer the motors get to the center position, the more they fight each other to center the wheel. This can cause a condition called oscillation (rapid left to right movement of the wheel). In order to avoid this oscillation the G27 employs a "Soft Center", which you might interpret as the deadzone. This means that there is a little play, roughly 5 degrees from center in either direction, when it is centered by the motors.




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Re: G27 force feedback deadzone

Would it be possible to reduce this center area a bit at least? I do understand the motors cant constantly pull, but the center is a bit big.


Its my first experience with force feedback, and the FFB feels like driving on very rough gravel or something. Not a constant force like in a real car. Is this game dependant? The force while idle outside a game feels pretty good.