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G27 racing wheel

VERY disappointed in my new G27 racing wheel.  I "upgraded" from the Momo Racing Force wheel.  I can see absolutely NO difference in performance - the MRF wheel provided just as realistic force feedback and overall performance.  The only reason I bought the new wheel is because one of the flimsy plastic paddle shifters on the MRF wheel broke off.  HA! - I thought - G27 wheel with stainless steel paddle shifters!  Well, for that one point, it is an improvement - and for the six-speed shifter, if you're in to that, which I'm not - love the paddle shifters.  But here's the big disappointment:  the MRF wheel had three mounting lugs to secure it to the table, and was generally secure.  The new G27 has only two, and I rarely get all the way through a race without having to stop, resecure the wheel, and then resume.  How realistic is that?  Yes, I know that it has screw holes for more secure mounting, but my wife wouldn't be too happy with me drilling holes in her good table, which is the only place I have to play.  Very poorly thought out, Logitech!  And PS:  I might use the 6-speed shifter if it was more easily accessible.  Seems Logitech designed it solely for use on their expensive Racing Seat.  If that's the case, then do away with the table clamp altogether, because it's useless.  When you mount the shifter to the tabletop, it's 'way too high and at an awkward angle - NOT a realistic driving experience at all.  For my two cents' worth:  buy a used MRF wheel, save several hundred dollars, and try to be a little gentle with the paddle shifters.