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Logitech DF GT - cutting out

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Hi, hope somebody can help!


Whilst playing Race 07 my wheel just cuts out randomly; I'l be turning a corner, the wheel would go light, the GT sign light goes off on the front of the wheel and the controls in the game will stay in the same position putting me into a wall or whatever. I've had this problem with this wheel for a couple of years. I've searched the forums but it doesnt look like anyone else has this problem. I'm starting to think it's my wheel being faulty.


It has happened just now. The power & USB wires are connected. The Logitech profiler wont load up untill I take the USB wire out and put it back in.


Anyone any ideas? This has happened on both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 7.


PS- I use the same wheel for GT5 on PS3 and I've had no issues with it.

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Re: Logitech DF GT - cutting out

Hello saxoross,


 The very first thing that comes to mind is moving it to a different USB port . If you use an external USB hub or pass through device please disable it for trouble shooting . Does it behave the same if used with other games on the computer?



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