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Logitech Dual Action D-Pad

A while back I got a Cordless Rumble Pad 2. It worked very well, exceptional even, but then the D-Pad started sticking. It would get stuck in the down and left positions often, and sometimes even the up position.

I noticed 3 other people on this board who had this same problem with this model. Rather than trade for a new Cordless Rumble Pad 2, I decided to trade for a different model, the Dual Action Pad. The cordless and rumble features didn't matter to me anyway.

The D-Pad on this controller doesn't stick, but it is elevated much higher and has more resistance when trying to trigger any direction.

I find that it makes precision control much more difficult. I can't say I'm satisfied with it. Before the Cordless Rumble Pad 2 started failing, the D-Pad was pretty accurate; switching from left to right or up to down was near seamless.

I guess I'm just wondering if this is normal for a Dual Action Pad? I'm pretty certain I'm going to take this one back as well, and just want to know if this is a defect. If its a defect, I'll try another Dual Action. If it isn't, I guess I'm going to try a different model.