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Logitech Dual Action Game Pad G-UF13A not working with GTA IV...please help!

I read everywhere and even spoke to a few fellow pc gamers whom all told me that this game pad was the best one to use for a pc because you can configure everything to work just like my ps2 controller, but that is not the case. I get home, all excited that I no longer have to use keyboard or mouse for my new game and the game doesn't even read my controller. I installed the software disc and went through all the profile configuration and it still doesn't work. Under troubleshooting i found the Vice City directions for it but they don't work for GTA IV. i don't want to use an xbox 360 controller because I hate the way they feel. Tech support isn't accepting emails right now either!!!!! Please someone help me!

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Re: Logitech Dual Action Game Pad G-UF13A not working with GTA IV...please help!

I should welcome you to the problem world of gamepads now. Dont worry, every  "Games for Windows" game, old or new, has this problem and everyone's struggling with it. Its got a lot to do with Microsoft's new gamepad input system that works only with Xbox controller. Its like a monopoly cuz Xbox controller is sold by microsoft so you can do the math here that they want you to buy it. And thats why we have the logitech profiler and you will need to make or download profiles for it to play games.


Using it is simple, but only if you know whats what. Thats where I come in. I make profiles and post them here to download when other request. I ve made several so you can check if you need any. I always include instructions and everything so no worries. If you dont find your profile, let me know the game, I ll make it. Only thing is I need time to get the game demo, install, make the profile, test for comfort and post it. So m talking about like 4-6 days here.


For some reason this forum's search isnt working so you will have to visit my profile here and browse through my posts for profiles. I guess you ll want GTA 4 profile, so lemme see what I can do.