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Logitech G27 shifter problem.



before 3 years i bought Logitech G27 brand new. But before 2 days my H-shifter stopped working... not fully.. only the buttons on the shifter are working. Please tell my how to fix the problem.


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: Logitech G27 shifter problem.

Hi xtremecamo,


Have you tried to test your G27 racing wheel set in the Game Controllers section of your PC? Are you using your wheel controller on a PC or on a gaming console?


Perhaps it would be best to troubleshoot your shifter using a computer. In that way, you can also check if the shifter unit bears any driver errors in the Device Manager.




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Logi Nu
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Re: Logitech G27 shifter problem.

I`m using the wheel on PC. But the H-shifter account only 2-nd gear wherever the knob is.. I thing that potentiometres are broken or else..


Sorry for my bad english Smiley Happy