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Logitech G27

Hi there!


I bought my Logitech G27 in March 2010. Until a few days ago it worked perfect. No a slight problem has occured. Its not infulencing my gameplay experiences so far but it still worries me a little bit because I do not want it to break down because I bought it via and they no longer have it in stock and therefore can´t just send me a new one.

Also the prices got much higher so even the give me my money back I wouldn´t be able to buy a new one as I am just a poor student. Prices in March were around 300€ and now are about 420€... if availible at all.


But heres my "problem".


While steering to the left a squeaky sound occurs. Or better - two squeaky sounds occur. A loud one and a rather quiet one.


But this only occurs while steering left and with force feedback activated. Still the wheel itself feels like it always did and works perfectly ingame.


Do I have to worry about those sounds or is it just a minor problem like not enough lubricating oil or something like that?


Happy New Year


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Re: Logitech G27

The wheel uses metal gears inside so it's likely they aren't squeaking, it might be something in the shaft rubbing on plastic.


Either way if you purchased in Mar 2010, it should be in warranty, contact Logitech support in your area.

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Re: Logitech G27

I'm having the same problem.  It only squeaks when I turn left at lower speeds and it is getting pretty annoying.  I would try to grease it, but I don't want to void any warrenties.