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Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP - Force feedback issue

Hello guys. Basically I have this wheel for so manny years now but I did not use it that often. Had like 3 or 4 months of hardcore gaming with it. Anyway. I've tried recently to play some shift 2 with it and my force feedback is not working at all. I've even tried in the profiler, those crash, ufo crash, bridge bla bla thingies and still no response from FF whatsoever. The thing is I have no issues whatsoever with the drivers. I've tried running the wheel in VMware on windows xp to see if its a driver issue but it seems it is hardware related since it aint working on xp aswell. I've opend the wheel to see if the engine is destroyed or smt and its working. I've connected some wires from the adapter and its fine. I'm just wondering what can I do about it. It is my 14 years old birthday party from my dad which actually divorced my mother when i was 8 so it's quite precious for me.  That's why i'd like to keep using it, afterall, I have a driving license and a nice car so buying a g27 or g25 ain't worth it. thx for ur support guys.