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Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 - Dual Action Gamepad



I recently purchased both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for my PC.  I have loved Bioware RPG's up to date so I figure you can't miss with these.  However I find the Keyboard/Mouse configuration for Mass Effect does not suit it very well.  Mainly the squad control is bothering me.  You have your left hand positioned on the far left of the keyboard and your right hand on your mouse.  Your squad control buttons(on the fly) are located inconveniently on the arrow keys.  I believe it would be much more fluid like gameplay if I could use my gamepad for this game(games).


However I downloaded the newest gamepad gaming software for my gamepad witch included the Mass Effect profile.  The profile however seems to have no effect whatsoever on the game.  I cannot move or anything with my gamepad.

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Re: Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 - Dual Action Gamepad



          as a response to your question,unfortunately logi gaming hardware such as your gamepad is at the mercy of the game developers, meaning that some game out there does not support logi gaming grade hardware. But just to be sure you may want to call

the tech support for the game