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NFS Most Wanted 2012 Gamepad Profile

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Hey guys what's up? I got the latest NFS Most Wanted 2012 and noticed that the game did not support my Rumblepad 2 by default. So I made a profile for the game with the Logitech Profiler and its working really well now.


I just want to share the profile here so that others wont have to go through the hassle of making the profile themselves. Let me know if you like it / have any trouble with it. Instructions on how to use it are included.


Edit: I tested this profile with Logitech F510 gamepad and it works. I am pretty sure it will work with F310 & F710 as well.


Click here to download the profile

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Re: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Gamepad Profile

Hello The_Stig, 


I see that you made a profile to use with the Rumblepad 2 and NFS Most Wanted 2012. Thanks for sharing it with us, I'm sure it would be of great help for other users.



Keep on enjoying your Rumblepad 2 The_Stig,

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Re: NFS Most Wanted 2012 Gamepad Profile

 link is broken.. reupload working link.. thanks