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Nano wireless mouse/h760 headset issues

I'm posting this under gaming as the problem is most noticeable while playing wow and using vent.


As mentioned in the title, I have a nano wireless mouse and a h760 headset. These two devices have lived in harmony for many months just fine. I've used this setup on both a windows 7 laptop, and most recently a macbook pro, with all the latest software updates done.


This issue started last night, and happened again tonight around the same time. The headsets start crackling and acting as if I am getting audio lag, then the mouse gets jumpy, and becomes unusable. I have tried swapping out mice with the other nano I have, as well as removing the mouse completely and using a mac mouse that is connected via bluetooth to eliminate the possibility that the two were conflicting with each other. Rebooting tends to fix the issue for a short while. 


I'm out of ideas. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the frequency that these wireless devices operate on? 


Nothing has changed on my setup before this problem appeared. I originally thought it was another wireless device being used in my home and turned it off, the problem is still there. Yeah, I know, desperating brings about silly ideas.


I'm curious if anyone else has had similar issues and if so, what was done to fix them, as I really don't want to have to move back to my old system every time I want to play wow, and I'd rather not get rid of a mouse that I'm comfortable with, as I have issues with my hands and it is hard to find something that works well for me.