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No Profile for Guild Wars 2???

Why is there no profile for GW2??? The beta has been out there for over 6 months. Surely it is easy enough to determine the popularity of a game... just go to there site and look at the presale totals. It was the biggest game release in history.


So, the question is: WHEN will the GW2 profile be available?

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Re: No Profile for Guild Wars 2???

Hello cmiannay,


The game support for our software and devices depends on the game developers, they are the only ones who decide if the game would support the Logitech Gaming Devices and Software.


Please keep an eye on our website to check if a software update is available, once GW2 goes from beta to general availability phase.


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Re: No Profile for Guild Wars 2???

This is a profile that I created and use for GW2.  Hope it works for you. Smiley Happy

Left Stick X-Axis		Turn Left/Right			A,D
Left Stick Y-Axis		Forwards/Backwards		W,S
Right Stick X-Axis		---				Mouse X-Axis
Right Stick Y-Axis		---				Mouse Y-Axis
Left Stick Button		---				Mouse Right Button
Right Stick Button		---				Mouse Left Button

A				Jump				SPACE
B				Weapon Skill 3			3
X				Weapon Skill 1			1
Y				Weapon Skill 2			2
RB				---				CTRL
RT				---				SHIFT
LB				Weapon Skill 4			4
LT				Weapon Skill 5			5

Direction Pad UP		Interact			F
Direction Pad DOWN		Swap Weapons			`
Direction Pad LEFT		Previous Enemy			[
Direction Pad RIGHT		Next Enemy			]
SELECT				Map Screen			M
START				Hero Screen			H

RB + X				Utility Skill 1			CTRL + 1
RB + Y				Utility Skill 2			CTRL + 2
RB + B				Utility Skill 3			CTRL + 3
RB + A				Healing Skill			CTRL + SPACEBAR
RB + LB				Elite Skill			CTRL + 4
RB + LT				(NOT SET)			CTRL + 5

RT + X				Profession Skill 1		SHIFT + 1
RT + Y				Profession Skill 2		SHIFT + 2
RT + B				Profession Skill 3		SHIFT + 3
RT + A				Profession Skill 4		SHIFT + SPACEBAR
RT + LB				Autorun				SHIFT + 4
RT + LT				Dodge				SHIFT + 5

RB + Direction Pad UP		Black Lion Trading Screen	CTRL + F
RB + Direction Pad DOWN		Pet Screen			CTRL + `
RB + Direction Pad LEFT		Guild Screen			CTRL + [
RB + Direction Pad RIGHT	Party Screen			CTRL + ]
RB + START			Options Screen			CTRL + H
RB + SELECT			Contacts Screen			CTRL + M

RT + Direction Pad UP		Zoom In (Map - Floor Up)	SHIFT + F
RT + Direction Pad DOWN		Zoom Out (Map - Floor Down)	SHIFT + `
RT + Direction Pad LEFT		Previous Ally			SHIFT + [
RT + Direction Pad RIGHT	Next Ally			SHIFT + ]
RT + START			Inventory			SHIFT + H

RT + RB + START			Show/Hide HUD			SHIFT + CTRL + H
RT + RB + SELECT		Screenshot			SHIFT + CTRL + M

 Note:  You have to change some of the key bindings in the game to get this to work.  Just go through the list.  Everything you need is above.