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Profiler game detection for Steam games - Dual Action gamepad

I recently purchased Tomb Raider Underworld from Steam and want to play it using a Dual Action gamepad on WinXP. I downloaded and installed the latest Logitech Profiler software, but it does not detect the game, it only sees an older Mechwarrior installation I made from a game CD (yet does not show any preset key assignments for it). If I understand correctly, the Profiler software I installed for the Dual Action has a bunch of imbedded game presets for it, but those presets only become visible if the Profiler detects any installed games, and it doesn't seem to know to look in the Steam installation folder. Is this correct, and if yes, is there a way to force the Profiler to detect my Steam game installations and/or import those profiles from somewhere? I realize I can create my own profiles, but it would be nice to have the presets as a starting point.


(And I started Underworld and saw that the gamepad seems to already work in the game without an active profile, but it appears some of the gamepad action assignments differ from the game manual, and I'm wondering if Profiler presets correct this.)