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Replacement Logitech g27 paddle shifters

I recently returned from teaching English in South Korea and on the trip somehow lost the paddle shifters for my g27. I would rather not buy them from a third party or make them myself, so I thought I would ask here about getting replacements. I am talking about the metal paddle shifters, not the H-shifter. Everything else is in perfect working order but racing in F1 feels a bit silly using the H-shifter as opposed to paddles. I love this wheel and hope it sticks with me for a few more years. Thanks for the time and for a great product.

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Re: Replacement Logitech g27 paddle shifters

Hi bobblesXD, 


Unfortunately, the Logitech G27 does not have replacement paddle shifters available for sale. Smiley Sad I'm not sure if your G27 will qualify for warranty support but I suggest you contact the Logitech Support Team of your region for further assistance with the case. They might have other options available for you.




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