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Replacement Logitech g27 paddle shifters

I recently returned from teaching English in South Korea and on the trip somehow lost the paddle shifters for my g27. I would rather not buy them from a third party or make them myself, so I thought I would ask here about getting replacements. I am talking about the metal paddle shifters, not the H-shifter. Everything else is in perfect working order but racing in F1 feels a bit silly using the H-shifter as opposed to paddles. I love this wheel and hope it sticks with me for a few more years. Thanks for the time and for a great product.

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Re: Replacement Logitech g27 paddle shifters

Hi bobblesXD, 


Unfortunately, the Logitech G27 does not have replacement paddle shifters available for sale. :smileysad: I'm not sure if your G27 will qualify for warranty support but I suggest you contact the Logitech Support Team of your region for further assistance with the case. They might have other options available for you.




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