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Turn F710 off?

Hi, I have just bought a Logitech F710 controller. I am very pleased so far. I've really enjoyed my purchase.But I couldn't figure out how I can turn it off Smiley Tongue


I think it has an auto turn-off feature. But should I do something to activate that? Because whenever I take it on my hand, as soon as I press a button, it reacts that moment. If it's sleeping, I think there should be a little latency so that it wakes up and reacts, am I wrong?


I mean it's always ready, reacts as soon as I press a button, I feel like it never sleeps..Could you please inform me?


(And also though I read many posts about it, I still didn't understand what logitech button does.When I hold it, the mode led flashes but still no action? I dont know XBOX so please dont say it has the same duty as on XBOX controller)



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Re: Turn F710 off?

Hi lamborghini,


The F710 doesn't have an on/off button but it may go to sleep after a while without using it. There isn't really a way to activate the sleeping mode, so if you are worried about your F710 being active when you don't want that, you could unplug the receiver from your computer that way if a button is pressed it won't be reflected on your computer. Or remove the batteries if you are not going to use it for a long period of time.


The Logitech button function is as Guide button or Keyboard's home key on XInput games on DirectInput games it has no function. For further information you can check the FAQ: Function of the Logitech button


Hope you find this information useful.

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Re: Turn F710 off?

I don't think it has an off button. I usually just remove the batteries. Hope that helps. -Monstruo del Cafè