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Weird Registry entries with Logitech Gaming software 5.10.127

When I recently looked at my HKCU registry entry (was looking for adware entries) I came across a whole lot of weird entry registry sub-keys. After some research with process monitor ( I found it came from LWEMON.EXE from the Logitech Gaming software suite version 5.10.127 for my F310. I removed the strange keys by hand and only after uninstalling the software my HKCU kept clean. I temporarily reinstalled a freshly downloaded version from the Logitech website just to check if it could be reproduced.

Now I don't really need the Gaming software because I use my F310 in Xbox mode almost all the time so I'll just leave it uninstalled, but this does seem like odd behaviour and might be handy for future reference for users of this software.


The problem seems to stem from the software trying to find regular named sub-keys beyond a random 3 character string main key under the HKCU at startup.

As far as I could find the entries aren't damaging, but they do make reading and editing your HKCU key very bothersome.


Info: This was tested and found on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Eng with the latest servicepacks and hotfixes installed.

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Re: Weird Registry entries with Logitech Gaming software 5.10.127

Hello Florus,


We appreciate you sharing this information with us!



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