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Windows 7 fix for Logitech Dual Action (G-UD8)

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When installing my Logitech Dual action game controller under Windows 7 I encountered the problem that the Logitech Profiler would not recognise it, and thus not let me use it.


When searching for a solution I found a lot of posts on this forum with users having the same problem, but there was no solution.

I came up with one myself though!


So here it is for all of you who are having trouble getting it to work as well:


- Download the latest Logitech Gaming Software (5.08 as we speak)

- Extract the exe file with WinRar (or any other archiving software), because it contains the device drivers we need!

- Plug in the Logitech Dual Action controller, Windows will start installing it automatically

- Because Windows installs the wrong drivers we'll install the correct ones now, therefor:

  - Go to: Control Panel\Hardware and sounds\Devices and printers (translated from Dutch: Configuratiescherm\Hardware en geluiden\Apparaten en printers)

  - The Logitech Dual Action is already there, click it!

  - There are two device functions: HID-gamecontroller and USB-inputdevice

  - Click the first one (HID-gamecontroller)

  - Go to device drivers tab

  - Click update and navigate to the folder where you extracted the Logitech Gaming Software exe (main folder will do as long as you tick the search subfolders checkbox)

  - Then do the same for the other device function (USB-inputdevice)

- That's it, you can now install the Logitech Gaming Software or run it if you already have it installed, it will now recognise the Dual Action controller


Have fun gaming!

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Re: Windows 7 fix for Logitech Dual Action (G-UD8)

Logitech Dual Action controller not working (still)?




My problem was that the controller was never detected in the first place on Windows 7, I may as well have been plugging in a hamster to the USB slot.  If the fix listed in the above post doesn't work for you, here's how to potentially solve the problem and get your dual action controller working on windows 7:


1.  As the above solution suggested, extract all of the files from the latest Logitech Gaming Software .exe, using a program like winrar.  The latest software for the dual action can be found under the Support tab here:

(if this address is outdated just search on logitech's website)


2.  Once all of the files have been extracted, go into the folder you just extracted called 2b-LGS-x64\Common64\Logitech


3.  Copy all of the .sys files:



4.  Paste them here:



If the files already exist there, I'd suggest backing up the files in question first to be safe and then overwriting them.  It might help to reboot.  There's a pretty good chance your controller will work now - check by plugging it in and pressing the Mode button, if the light goes red you're good to go and the only problems at this point are going to be game-specific.


Side note:  Logitech, what gives?  Did a new CEO get rid of the testing department or what?  You used to be so easy to use...