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Wireless Drum Controller for PC

Just wondering if the Wireless Drum Controller for the Xbox 360 will work on the PC with Guitar Hero World when it is released Sep 30.  I know that Guitar Hero III for PC uses Xbox 360 guitars, so it would make sense that World Tour for PC uses Xbox Drums.  Which version of the Logitech drums will be supported for PC?
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Re: Wireless Drum Controller for PC

The question is a bit old, but somebody else might be wondering as well...


I got the Logitech wireless drum controller for PS3/PS2, and it's working perfectly on my PC. When connected through the usb receiver, the peripherals manager displays it (as Guitarhero for PS3, but that's ok) and you can test the buttons response if you check the parameters or properties (can't remember exactly).


Needless to say, GH World tour works fine with it.

OS: win7 64bits.