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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

mano mil gracias funciona perfectamente todo el dia tratando de solucionarlo y ps alfin!! ya funciono, desgracia para logitech siendo tan buena marca que mal! lo subire por torrent en thepiratebay para que lo puedan buscar todos lo que lo necesiten con un tutorial.

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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

Hello thurst,


Please provide details . Do you see an error ? If so when and what error?


Best Regards,

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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

Thanks to Mads Larson and yansern for figuring this one out ( I had to use yansern's hacked inf file) !




The file you linked to is for logitech gaming software that controlls the gamepad when in directinput mode, this is already working normally.  In DirectInput mode the controller is detected as a RumblePad 2 and the Gaming Profile software controls it.


The problem is when connecting in Xinput mode.  The logitech software does not see the controller at all in this mode.  Windows treats the controller as a wired xbox controller, but calls it the F710.  On 32-bit windows this is all done automatically.  You plug it in, it detectsand installs the driversno problem.


When using the controller on a 64bit system, windows does not recognize the controller.  Rather, it sees it and calls it a F710, but it does not install the xbox 360 drivers for it automatically.  If you try to manually direct windows to locate drivers from windows update, an error message "windows cannot find drivers for this device" appears.


What Mads Larson and yansern did is to manually download xbox 360 control software and add the device id for the F710 to the driver file so that windows will recognize it as a usable driver.  Right now this works great but it's a few too many hoops for the average user to jump through.


I suspect that the real fix is something similar, that the 64bit xbox controller drivers on windows update need to have the F710 device id's added to them so that windows will install them automatically, as it is already doing on 32 bit systems.


On a side note, I don't think I had any issue installing my F310 on another x64 system, it seems to be specific to the F710.

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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

This didn't fix my problem. No one replied or helped yet to my problem in my topics either, I expect some tech help from logitech, if not I think I want my money back because the gamepad isn't working in games, only in windows.

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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

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I have the exact same unresolved issues (as Automaticman). I have tried email support but I just get a reply asking to to do all the testing steps I repeatedly done all weekend. Then their answer is it's defective and send in with a receipt. Well, it's registered with date and store of purchase so there is no reason to ask for a receipt. Secondly it works on my laptop which also is running windows 7 64bit.

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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

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After confirm with shop's computer that also running Win7 64bit, the F701 do not need any additional driver.

Verify with my PC, confirm having driver install issue.

Did many work around and this is the solution.

Need a fresh install of the Win7 64bit, do not install any MB driver. My Intel DH67BL driver once install, the F701 no driver problem will happen and unable to resolve.

After fresh install Win7 64bit, do not install any other software or driver. Insert the Logitech F701 USB receiver and it will detect and install driver automatically. I tried 3 times to confirm that the Intel MB driver CD installation is the root cause.

Install the Logitech CD software come with the package and switch gamespad to D, it will then detect the gamespad and you can test and calibrate successfully. Switch to X and you will see Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class in Device Manager (Xbox controller mode).

Leave the USB receiver in your PC, now continue to install MB driver, anti-virus etc.


Why? Still unknown as I already tried to uninstall everything left Win7 program still fail to install the gamespad driver.

Only fresh install will work.


Logitech, pls do something for your customer.

I bought this is because the shop highly recommend this than XBox controller.

If I know all this trouble, I will not spend 3 days 3 night to figure out, including drive 30km back to the shop to check if the gamespad spoil or my computer problem.

It is not worth it for saving some money. As for now, highly recommend XBox controller that my friend use without any trouble to use or install.

Just have to live with what I had purchased.

Do not buy this F701 unless you are prepare to re-install your PC.


My hardware as reference:

Intel I5-2500, Intel DH67BL MB, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Sapphire HD5670 (just for casual games), Intel G2 160GB SSD, WD Green 640GB HDD, Cooler Master Vertex Plus low profile CPU heatsink cooler. Build for car racing games only.

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Re: SOLVED!!! Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

hello I've seen the same problem I wanted to know how do I find this:
This is my F710's device ID:

USB \ VID_046D & REV_0305 & PID_C21F
USB \ VID_046D & PID_C21F

  since your not good for my ... but where is it?
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Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

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Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

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Big thanks to Mads Larsen and yansern!!!


I used Mads' method for getting the F710 to work correctly in Xinput mode in Windows XP x64.  I also used yansern's hacked .inf, however, since the XBOX  360 Accessories is only up to v1.1 for WinXP 64-bit, I had to change the "WdfCoInstaller01009.dll" references in the .inf file to "WdfCoInstaller01001.dll" and rename the file in the \x64 folder also.  After this, I was able to complete the driver update successfully.


Thanks again for all your work on this Mads and yansern.  You guys figured out what Logitech devs/support were unable to!

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Re: Wireless Gamepad F710 - Win7 64-Bit No Driver

Big Thanks to Mads Larsen and Yansern. There method worked for me.


Just to recap there method in one user friendly post.


Install the device like you would for the first time. expecting it to work. Don't "start from scratch" or anything like that. Then


Go to:


Click "GAMING" tab.

Click "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows"


Download that as normal. For WINDOWS 7 64 BIT


Next download Yanserns "xusb21.inf" here. To your desktop or a location you can manipulate teh file from easily.


I've made a backup here(same file):




You'll see a list of all your devices. Under "Other Devices" (Maybe somewhere else) you'll see a YELLOW TRIANGLE with an ! it should say something like "Logitech F710" or somethign descriptive enough for you to tell it's the game controller.


RIGHT CLICK on that and go to Properties. Go to the "DETAILS" tab. Select the catagory "HARDWARE IDS". 

Should be something like 





That's your personal HARDWARE ID. If you RIGHT CLICK you should be able to COPY it. Do that.


Now open the xusb21.inf that is on your desktop with NOTEPAD or some other bare bones word processor.


Right on the top you should see


"Wireless Common Controller USB\Vid_045E&Pid_0719"


Go to FIND/REPLACE and then select to REPLACE ALL "USB\Vid_045E&Pid_0719" with the one you COPIED from your personal DEVICE MANAGER.


SAVE the revised xusb21.inf. Open explorer and place your new xusb21.inf into the directory

PROGRAM FILES>Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Software>


This should REPLACE the original. 


Now go back to your DEVICE MANAGER. RIGHT click on the Game Controller Click PROPERTIES. Go to the DRIVER tab. Select UPDATE DRIVER and then choose the option to manually find the DRIVER just point to PROGRAM FILES>Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Software>


Install the driver.


That should be it. You can just EDIT the original xusb21.inf from the XBOX controller install rather than downloading Yanserns as well. In case the files eventually go down.