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Re: G930 7.1 Not showing up?

-L2- just guessing here - I have three G930 headsets all running on Win7 x64. One is using the older drivers (two releases  ago - g930_100358_x64) because of the auto power off issue. The other two (one on my laptop and the other on my 90 year old Mom's PC) are using the LGS 8.20 drivers. The sometimes power off on me but for these system this is not a problem for us.


I have noticed with the LGS drivers on my desktop (this is the system I reverted back to the g930_100358_x64 drivers) did have an issue with the 7,1 and the headset being detected. My solution (this worked everytime) was to remove the USB cable from the PC, wait until I heard the PC report that something had changed, then plug the cable back in). Like magic for me the headset work again.


Also try the earlier drivers and if you can on another PC. If all of this fails go for RMA.

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Re: G930 7.1 Not showing up?


This might be what everyone was looking for! 


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Re: G930 7.1 Not showing up?

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