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How to - G930 Battery replacement

How do I change battery to G930? I see no screws in top of right earcup? Shouldn't the battery be in that cup?

Someone should make a youtube tutorial of changing batteries to G930, it would help many people..




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Re: How to - G930 Battery replacement

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When you bought the headset, there was an "important information" note explaining how to take out the battery. Basically, you take off the right ear pad (without the buttons and mic) and then see 5 screws. Take them out and good luck with the rest!
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Re: How to - G930 Battery replacement

Thanks for that info NeatNit!


I think my brain works differently than most people because when I see something that says "Important IInformation" I somehow read it as "Great Kindling" and then I end up creating a user ID on a support site to thank a member that knows all about the item that I was lost on! :-)


But seriously, I really do appreciate that you answered that question because I was lost and now my G930 is working like new once again--you rock!