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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

and i returned it hopfully i can find a better headset because this one i just can not stand

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Re: (NOT Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

I have had this G930 for a few years now.I don't know when exactly this cracking noise sarted, but I once was in the habit of listening to music on this headset. But I ended up giving up  and considered the thing useless (except for skype) due to the cracking sound problem that appeared, I don't remember when exactly.


Now I have a fresh windows 8 install. I got the Xbox music pass and started listening to music again. I enjoyed it for hours. Until... I decided to install the G930 driver (I wanted the equalizer, and also the headset's volume control to work).  Bad idea: cracking sound was back.


I removed the logitech driver, and the problem went away with it. And this is a FRESH WINDOWS INSTALL. No garbage software, no virus scanning software, just the basic standard clean install.


I can't believe this thread has been going on for so long, with apparently no solution in sight.


Makes me think of this Harmony remote that cost me hundreds of $$ several years ago. I've always been fighting with it to make contact with the base to charge the battery. Sometimes a small detail becomes a major annoyance in an otherwise very high quality product.


It's shame, but when I read these posts, I get the impression that Logitech is not standing behind their product as they should. Hey Logitech, how about a "customer service 101" course for your staff?

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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

i had a issue on cod mw3 and i change the setting to headphone instead of 5.1 and that solve the issue. so try changing the setting in control panel or the app your using to stereo or headphone

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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

I also had this problem when I upgraded to Windows 8. I tried so many solutions that were on the internet which didn't work. But I got the idea to plug my reciever into a USB 1.0 hub and the intereference disapeared. I honestly have no idea why, it just seems to work for me.


System Specs:


AMD Phenom 1100t


Windows 8 Pro

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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

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Why is this thread marked solved when none of the "solutions" work. 


This headset is awful, and ZERO answers are offered by Logitech.


This is the daily life of my headset, and I treat my belongings like they are the most fragile thing on earth.


Turn on

Play Music...'Crack' 'Beep'.........'Crack' 'Pop' 'Crack' 'Distort' Turn off.

Restart Headset

Watch YouTube... 'Crack' 'Crack' 'Crack'.......'Pop' 'Fizzle' 'Beep' Eventually I turn it off and listen to better quality sound from a pair of 10$ unmentionable headphones.

Play BF3...'Beep' Beep beep' 'CRACK'....I'm taking Fi'BEEP're. 'Turns off'


During non use 'Beep' 'Static' 'BEEP' 'BEEP BEEP' 'Static'


Give me a break, when I replace these, I'm smashing these Gallagher style, maybe they'll work then.

This is my 3rd pair btw.


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This fixed mine!!!!

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So I went through support and found 2 things that really seemed to stop the crackling and turning off on my headphones.

All of my levels are normal / default - none of this turn it all the way down business.


Open Control Panel and Power Options

Make sure you are on the High Performance power option

Change plan settings

Change advanced power settings

Scroll down to USB settings

DISABLE the USB selective suspend setting for both on battery (if you are on a laptop) and Plugged in.


Next, turn off your headset.

With a paperclip, press inside the little hole on the USB transmitter stick

Hold the Power Button down on your headset for about 10 seconds until the Green Light goes solid on the USB transmitter stick


Test.  For me, mine were snap, crackle, and popping about every 2-3 seconds, and turned off about 10-15x an hour, driving me CRAZY.  This fixed my issue.  Hopefully, this helps you guys out!



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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

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I've had the same Problem.


After many hours searching for help i found the absolutly simple solution (for me).


>>>  Don't plug the transmitter in the USB 3.0 ports. <<<


After i plugged the transmitter in an normal USB 2.0 port the crackling was gone.


Hurray Smiley Very Happy

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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

i was scrolling through this thread and yes its marked as solved but i have yet to see solution. i was running windows 7, the headphones had no issues. i upgraded to windows 8 and i started to get the crackling sound in the background. eventually i reformated and returend to windows 7. i still had the issue. so i figured it must be an issue with the headphones them selves. i then tried to use the reveiver wothout the extension. and just like that the issue was gone. hope this helps others... Cheers!

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(Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

I had the worst issue with my microphone getting very static-y and cutting out. Here's what I did to fix it:


Downgrade your drivers to the older version, not the "Logitech Gaming Software."


Uninstall "Logitech Gaming Software" first, then do the following:


Go into Device Manager (start -> devmgmt.msc) and uninstall the devices under the Audio Inputs and Outputs node (while your USB Receiver is plugged in) for the G930.


Download the Old Version Here


Install that, and have fun. You'll lose a lot of functionality from the softkeys, but this version of the software is much more stable. Go figure.


If your audio is crackling, something's interfering. My 360  would cause it to go all sorts of weird.

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Re: (Solved) G930 Static/crackling sound problem

you just described the exact situation I'm in right now. LOL 

'Beep' Beep beep' 'CRACK'....I'm taking Fi'BEEP're. 'Turns off'   made me crack up so hard it's so SAD. **bleep** IT.

This is my 3rd pair...... I thought my headset was the problem but no.